Prevent The Body From Sinking Into The Support

Tencel is used to cover the top of the mattress, which allows it to breathe and wick moisture the best hybrid mattress away from the user’s body. Memory foam provides pressure relief, followed by a second layer of foam designed to mold to the body. A transitional layer is used to prevent the body from sinking into the support core, which is made of pocketed coils.

The Coil System’s Steady Air Circulation

According to our research, the Helix Midnight Luxe offers the perfect amount of support and contouring for persons with upper and lower back pain. The mattress’ deep memory foam comfort layers, which supported side sleepers’ shoulders and hips to straighten the spine and relieve pressure, made it especially comfortable for side sleepers.Hot sleepers will benefit from the coil system’s steady air circulation, which helps the mattress maintain a comfortable core temperature. When we sat near the edges or got in and out of bed, we found the coils that reinforced the perimeter and prevented deep sinkage.

Firm And Extra-Firm Surfaces Are Featured

The Midnight Luxe’s balanced construction was one of its greatest assets in our testing lab. People with back pain will benefit from the extra cushioning provided by the pillow-top surface, but our testers found that they did not sink too far into it. People over 230 pounds in weight Sleepers who enjoy a good night’s rest. Those looking for the best value Firm and extra-firm surfaces are featured in the flippable design. A phase change panel provides extraordinary cooling—excellent support for the edges.

Above-Average Support Regardless

According to our test lab, the Plank Luxe Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is a great option for sleepers who struggle to find both firm and supportive mattresses while still being comfortable. There is a distinct difference between the two sides of this model. Sleepers can expect above-average support regardless of which side they choose to sleep on, as both surfaces are firm (7) and extra-firm (9).

Noticeable Difference In Firmness

The 1.5-inch layer of adaptive foam quilted into the cover of the Plank Luxe Hybrid adds plushness to the surface’s firm side. Foam, a proprietary blend of memory foam and latex, provides a unique combination of comfort and responsiveness. This is a good compromise between cushioning and support, as we discovered—high-density polyfoam transitions from one side to the other. There is a noticeable difference in firmness between the firm and extra-firm sides of the mattress.

Pocketed coils are sandwiched between the foam layers on both sides. This layer stabilizes the mattress and strengthens the perimeter to prevent sinkage when you sleep near the edges or get out of bed. Regardless of which side you choose, the other side serves as a stable base.

Should Experience Minimal Sinkage When Getting In

A phase change material panel can be added to either side of the mattress. Depending on the mattress size, the additional cost of these heat-absorbent and heat-dissipating panels ranges from $100 to $200.This mattress excels in performance areas where softer mattresses typically fall short. Our testers noticed very little sinkage around the edges when lying on the firm side and no sinkage when lying on the extra-firm side. This is a major strength. Aside from its excellent responsiveness, we discovered that the mattress was also easy to move across the surface, thanks to our responsiveness tests and the opinions of our reviewers. Regardless of a person’s weight, they should experience minimal sinkage when getting in and out of bed.